having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order / despairing / violently separated into parts / shattered / interrupted

Recall a time when you felt the most broken, and invite Jesus to reflect with you. What do you remember? How did you feel then, as compared to how you feel now, re-visiting that time?


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  1. Hands down – when I was going through my divorce.


    A time when I felt most un-beautiful. Un-wanted. Un-loved. Un-worthy.

    Praise the Lord – THANK YOU JESUS – that healing is all His and greater is His plan for me than my own!

    I have been in a car accident that left me physically wounded.

    Broken bones.
    Impaired vision.
    Lacerations and scars.
    Daily pains.

    But never have I been more broken than when I went through a divorce.

    The Lord refines and gives strength. I am so thankful for his reinforcement and goodness.


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