in a state of complete confusion and disorder / disorganized / topsy-turvy / out of control / unpredictable

Recall a time when you felt the most chaotic, and invite Jesus to reflect with you. What do you remember? How did you feel then, as compared to how you feel now, re-visiting that time?


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  1. Oh.My.Goodness!

    I didn’t have to think about this memory challenge but a second before THE MOST CHAOTIC TIME was recalled.

    My husband and I started a jeep club called jeepMonkeys back in 2006. The vision of this club was to create a family-friendly off-road camping group that was atypical of the usual off-road clubs we had encountered on the trails of eastern N.C. Our mission was to teach and instill off-roading values of protecting the environment (Take Care Of The Land We Share) and helping fellow off-roaders on and off the trails. Sort of like Boy Scouts, but for families and without khaki uniforms. 🙂

    At the peak of running this jeep club, we had more than 40 member families and were running up to 2 off-roading events a month. My husband became the lead in teaching off-road vehicle care and technical maneuvering on the trails and I became the lead in youth activities and homesteading at the camp sites. Needless-to-say, he and I didn’t see each other much during the weekend events, outside of hitting the hay in our tent domicile or smiling at each other from across the campsites at breakfast.

    Getting back to the chaos — one weekend, our BIGGEST camping activity weekend, we had 25 families in attendance. That doesn’t sound like too many, until you do the math. That’s about 45 adults (a few of our members were single) and about 18 youth (all under 15). Wow!

    Several of the adults had hit the trails our first day of off-roading, but I had stayed back at the campsite with the youth and a few moms. Within an hour, I had been notified by the camp host (I liked to call Ms. Janet Smokey-the-bear) that 2 youngsters had built a camp fire in the middle of a wooded area (not allowed!) and 3-4 others were shooting their REAL bow and arrows throughout the campgrounds (also a big, fat No-No). I had some younger ones “looking for snakes” and getting splinters the size of steak knives in their hands and feet. Kids were everywhere and Out.Of.Control!!

    Fortunately, Smoke-the-bear was very understanding and highly appreciative of our vision and mission as a club. She knew she could count on us to be positive role models in [most] every camping excursion we brought her way. The quick fix was to engage all our youngsters, correct their no-no behaviors (like setting the forest ablaze and wounding passersby with arrows), and sit them down for a “this is how we behave in the woods” conversation with Smokey. It was great! Smokey dressed in her full gear and really did resemble the ole’ bear himself! She addressed camp friendly etiquette and was quite engaging with everyone – parents included.

    But those couple of hours prior….ABSOLUTELY the most chaotic time I can recall.


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