satisfied / happy / not wanting more or anything else / gratified / pleased

Recall a time when you felt the most content, and invite Jesus to reflect with you. What do you remember? How did you feel then, as compared to how you feel now, re-visiting that time?


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  1. 4:00am on October 11, 1997.

    The day after my second son was born.

    In a quiet hospital room that was remarkably serene and veiled with an other-worldy golden glow (thanks to the hospital emergency exit lighting and soft luminescence from the blood pressure monitor pole) – me and this tiny miracle.

    I remember the time specifically because of the worship, praise and promises that were streaming from my heart and mouth — Thank you, Jesus. Thank you! All of the earthly distractions were distant. It was as if no one else was in the building. No other sounds. No foot steps. No hospitally beeping. Quiet. Full to the brim quiet.

    Tiny toes, skin as soft as Kleenex, wispy hair like strands of weightless silk…

    This little baby boy. All 8 lbs 6 oz of perfection.

    That The Lord would entrust me with the care of His children…

    I cannot think of a time when I was more content.

    The Father had been in hot pursuit. Though I had known Who He was, I had never invited Him into my life and into relationship until late 1993. By that time, I was married, had my first beautiful son, and been involved in a serious car accident that left me with months of surgeries and rehabilitation. It was during this time that I “had to be still”, and The Father’s knock on my heart became audible.

    Life didn’t get easier after I opened the door. This world can be nasty. Mean, even. But what did get easier was how I handled disappointments and let downs. Fears. Uncertainty. And with every triumphant obstacle overcome, with every valley I climbed out of…His peace was my encouragement, my victory.

    This early morning in 1997 was a joyful celebration and time of thanksgiving. That The Father would so love me that He would entrust me with the care of His children.

    That the Father so loved the world, that He gave His only son…

    Thank you, Jesus. Thank you!


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