Room 15

My mama had pancreatic cancer.

She chose hospice care, instead of trying to battle this particular intruder.

I know that there are many (too many) who are and will face this beast called cancer, particularly, the pancreatic type.  Mama, a life long nurse, was no stranger to what this disease is.  Still, she faced the unknown of what this thing would do to her.  She was not afraid of death, for her Jesus Christ overcame that long ago, but she was afraid of suffering.  Of what her end of life journey might ask of her.

Room 15 is her end of life story, as best I can replay it.  I walked with her the entire time.  This journey is different for everyone, but I hope that you find encouragement in these pages, and have an urgency and peace about what is to come beyond this world.

Barbara L. Anderson
Dec. 1944 - Jul. 2015
This was the last

This was the last “selfie” we took together. Taken July 10, 2015. ❤

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