F – Isn’t this like vacation?

When I returned to mama’s room after her second night’s stay at The House (before I started spending the nights with her), she said to me, “Isn’t this like being on vacation?!”  I knew what she meant.  The facility is very nice and the staff is always around, making sure you are okay and comfy.  The family is treated like royalty.  Even our dog has been invited to stay in Room 15.  That strained role playing we were struggling in as patient and caregiver has now been returned to that of mother and daughter.  I can just be her daughter again.  Peace is finding my mama.  And today (7-17-15) was a good day.  Here are a couple of  “vacation” pictures:


Putting some sparkle on those toes! Something about polkadots just makes you smile.


This is the last picture mama and I posed for together. Photo credit to my sister friend, Pattie.


The boys, gaming across from Nana. She could see them, hear their laughter. She totally loved having everyone engaged in what they do, right there with her in Room 15.

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