D – E-mail – 07/14/2015

This email update sent to friends and family on Jul 14, 2015, at 8:57 PM:

Today has been a long day.
It started at 4:30am when mama took a tumble in her bedroom.
The result was a fractured bone in her hip area.
The femur, at the “neck”, where the ball joint rests.
So our game plan changed a little bit.
But you know what?
God’s plan didn’t.
There is HUGE comfort in knowing He is not surprised by any of our steps forward or steps backward.
Tonight I write to you from the comfort of room 15 at the McLeod Hospice House.
I can tell you that the care mama’s received today has been outstanding.
All the way from the ride in the Heart Ambulance from the hospital, to the smiling, shiny faces of the medical staff here at The House.
Right now Reed and Lane are on mama’s patio singing Drakeford songs and giggling.
It’s a lovely background sound that makes mama’s heart fly.
And mama’s pain is being managed well and monitored.
The boys and I have stocked her mini-fridge, plastered photos all over her walls and loaded the boom box with her favorite musician’s CDs.
A bird feeder and hummingbird feeder have landed outside the french doors, positioned just so mama can catch glimpse of any hungry diners.
And there is peace in this place.
In this moment.
All is good…because God is Great!
Thank you for your continued prayers.
Love you all.

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