G – E-mail 07/18/2015

E-mail update sent to family & friends at 9:58pm:

The last two days have been busy ones for momma.
Lots of visitors.
A couple of baths.
Being repositioned in bed routinely.
So this evening, she’s been asleep since about 4:15pm (that’s more than 6 hours at the time I’m writing this).
She’s tired.

Momma’s appetite is diminished, but she’s still taking in fluids.
Her pain, which is primarily in her mid to lower back area and of course, her hip, is being nicely managed with a strong portfolio of medications.
Nausea remains a continual problem, as has been since April, so she also remains on medications to keep this under control.
The pain medication being administered continually through the use of a pump is doing it’s job at keeping mom leveled out during normal, quiet times.
When it is time for repositioning or turning, heavier dosages are given 1/2 hour prior to the activity.
This really helps.
There are also medications to help mom during times of anxiety.

Momma’s fall and fracture of her upper femur are behind her being admitted to the inpatient Hospice House.
Mom could not continue to live in our home, because she is now bedridden.
She is catheterized.
She is unable to use a bedpan or be moved to a bedside toilet.
Many have asked, so I thought I would clarify in this update, to avoid discussion about this with or around momma during visits.
The hip fracture mom has received recently is still secondary to the pancreatic cancer.
If mom would have chosen to have surgery, provided she was even a candidate, recovery & healing of her hip would not be likely before the pancreatic cancer takes it’s toll.
This was discussed with the doctors and momma fully understands the weight of her illness.
Rehabilitation is not something that will be pursued, because quite frankly, it will take the broken bone a long time to mend.
In mom’s weakened state and with her respiratory struggles, she would not be able to withstand rehabilitation measures.
Hospice is for providing comfort during the end of life stage.
It is not about prolonging life.
It’s about making the life remaining comfortable.
The staff here at The House do an excellent job of acting compassionately and quickly to the patient’s needs, and to the needs of the family.
We are thankful for this place.
Momma has asked that I stay with her. She no longer wants to be left alone in the evenings.
Nothing has happened to cause this; however, she wants the comfort of knowing I am here with her, to be her voice and make sure her treatment wishes are carried out.
I would be no where else.
If you would like to continue mailing momma cards, please use the address below instead of our home address, that way she’ll be assured to receive your mail more promptly:

McLeod Hospice House
Attn: Barbara Anderson, Room 15
1203 Cheves Street
Florence, SC 29501

As always, thank you for keeping our little family close in prayer.
We love and appreciate each and every one of you.

All is good, because God is Great.

Goodnight, from Room 15

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