Helicopters and Things That Travel

When I picked up our youngest son (YS) from school yesterday, he bounced to the car with his usual happy stride and wide smile.  This day, however, he greeted me with an outstretched hand, showing me a treasure he had found while waiting in the after-school car rider pick up line:


And this was not just your ordinary, run of the mill kind of pine tree helicopter, it was a much BIGGER helicopter than we usually see.

“Wow!  That’s a really big helicopter you found!”

YS:  “Yeah, isn’t it cool how God made things to travel around?!  I mean, he made this so that the wind could carry it where it needed to go, and he made things with hooks on them so they can latch on to other things and be carried where it needs to go.  I mean, isn’t it cool how he made them?”

“Yes, it is.  He really thought of everything, didn’t he?”

At this, YS sat back in his car seat with a satisfied grin on his face.

It’s such a beautiful thing to see even the simplest parts of our world unfolding in my son’s head – and to see him giving thanks and praise to the wonderful things God has designed.


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