A Happy House

We have the happiest house on the block.
It’s true!  Confirmed by our 9 year old.  His basis for this proclamation?  The multitudes of flowers that light up our yard.  And he is proud to announce to anyone this most important fact.

Imagine how my cheeks flushed as a neighbor down the street told me of how my son demanded to her children that “they do not have a happy house, because they don’t have any flowers in the front yard.”

This got me thinking:  Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell from the outside what people are like on the inside?

The truth is, flowers on the outside does not necessarily indicate that there is peace and happiness on the inside of a house.  You know where I’m going with this.  Chances are you know many people who are like this.  They put on a happy face and  show – whatever it is they believe is an ideal representation of happy – but on the inside, they are really unhappy.  Sometimes, they are really crying out for happiness in their false displays.

A life without Christ, no matter how beautiful the flowers, will fade and die in due season.  They are annuals.  Their beauty is but short-lived.  But a life filled with Christ will yield far more beauty than just a season of flowers.  A life in Christ is perennial.   It’s forever!  The dictionary tells us that perennial means lasting for a long or infinite time.  It is this life that makes a happy house.

I need to be clear in my explanation of this one to my 9-year-old, so he doesn’t start calling out people who planted Petunias this spring!


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