I’m posting for the sake of emptying my head this morning.

T-I-R-E-D is a word that was given to me this morning.  It has been present in my all week’s study time, so after being hit on the head with it long enough, I figured I need to dig in and see what the Lord is revealing to me.

As I prepared for work this morning, I was saying a prayer of thanksgiving over the disciples.  Were they ever tired?  You betcha!  Our Sunday school lesson brought this to the forefront for me.  I imagine if I was standing in the presence of Jesus, being taught by his messages, being asked to come along on his path……I imagine that I see first hand the miracles he performed……I imagine the power that the disciples were given to cast out demons and heal the sick……..I imagine……what if I was one of them?

HELLO!  I am!  I AM ONE OF THEM!   I DO stand in the presence of Jesus.  I AM being taught by his messages.  I AM being asked to come along on his path.  I DO see first hand the miracles he performs.  I DO have the power to make an impact on those who are lost, those who are sick.

Don’t you know those disciples were tired?   But what a different tired that must have been from the tired some of them knew from the fishing boats.

“Lord, I can get completely exhausted from working in the yard, from working at my job, from worry and anxiety…….I tire from many, many things.  I wake today wanting to tire FOR YOU, exhaust me!  Let me be a witness and a worker for you, Jesus.  I want my satisfying slumber to come from the reprieve of your promises, after being a tireless witness for you.  Amen.”


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