All Things

All things….all…every single one of them.

Our Heavenly Father didn’t promise us that most things will work together for good, or that some things will and some things won’t.  We are told in Romans 8:28, “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  ALL.  Period.

This past week during a study group at church, the challenge was issued for each of us to really take a look at our journey so far and consider how Romans 8:28 has been realized in our personal lives.  Wow!  The thing is, from the point I’m at right now, looking back for one specific reference is overwhelming and my naturally A.D.D. self quickly wants to think about something else more defined, like the number of chains in a dishcloth I’m crocheting, or the order of events in my schedule for tomorrow’s business day.  Something finite.  Something I can count.  Something I can begin, and end.  I like tasks with that kind of closure and completion.  But looking at my yesterdays and picking out how events have worked together for good…..that IS a challenge.  I’m still a road under construction.  There are events that have intersected with others, there are accidents, potholes and uneven pavement.   There are even some dead ends, which are really not dead ends at all, because they turn me around and send me in another direction.  Okay, taking off the construction hat now and kicking those orange traffic barrels out of the way so I won’t lose you in this rant…

Had I been asked this a couple of years ago, it may have been easier for me to dismiss this challenge.  Now, though, as I’m growing in Christ and my understanding of His word more voraciously than ever, I can’t formulate a concise, tidy response.  I think this is because I’m beginning to understand Romans 8:28 better than ever.  I’m getting more “hindsight-understanding”.  As my faith is becoming more steadfast on a daily basis, as is my acceptance of the things for which I was not created to understand.  I know that all things work together for good, because I have seen witness of this in my journey so far, through the combination of many events and outcomes.  And I know that the trials I face today will be looked upon at some future date in acknowledgment that they, too, were with purpose and part of God’s plan for me.

God’s word is true, “It’s All True”, as sung to us by Jeff Slaughter.  All.  Not most.  Not some.  All.  Having God’s promise, His word, will never fail us.  As life churns forward, with all it’s beautiful countrysides and bumpy dirt roads, I know that at the end of it all, God’s promise waits for me.  Romans 8:28 just reassures me that the journey between the beginning and the end of this human life I’m living is only temporary, and will work together for good.  Now THAT is something to get excited about!   All things.

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