Jesus – In Every Single Detail

Have you looked at what is going on around you?
I mean really stopped, took a time out, and observed the details of where you are right now?

I am always surprised when I do this, even though what I find is always the same:  Jesus is so obviously at work in every detail around me.

How does he do that?!  This, I do not have an answer to, but I can tell you why he does it:  He loves me.  He loves me!  It is because of his tremendous love that he carefully has orchestrated and knitted together every fine detail of my moments.  There are so many that I don’t notice.  Way more than I do notice.  But I never fail to see his hands at work when I truly pause to take a look.

Today I am praising God for what he is doing in my life and thanking him for all the ways he works things out for my good.  Even when I cannot see it, I know that he is there, working things out for me.  And I’m excited in advance for the moments when I am able to see exactly how his plan for me unfolds.

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