I’ve Got A Secret

“Hey!  I’ve got something to tell you, but you can’t tell anyone.  Wanna know what it is?”

Talk about a temptation!  How many times have you been in that situation?

When I was a little girl, about 5 years old, I remember telling my momma what my daddy had bought her for Christmas.  My dad let me see the gift and then told me not to tell her.  OH, to hold a secret like that!  I couldn’t stand it!  I held the key, which if I shared it with my momma would surely elevate her to the most delightful state of joy.  Me!  I had the knowledge and the power to do that.  On top of it all, it was a thing that I had heard commented on so many times when we were traveling or on vacation.  It was something that I was certain would change “life on the road” as we knew it.  Because my dad was in the Marines, we lived on one coast while my momma’s family lived on another.  This made travels seem routine and common to this little girl.  I’m not sure how long I held out, but I promise you this – it wasn’t a secret I kept to myself too long.  I was to tell her.  I had to tell her.  Just had to!  I couldn’t contain myself!  I had so much excitement in the anticipation of being the one to tell her about the thing that was going to change her life and be so meaningful to her.

Now that I look back, my daddy knew this.  That’s why he shared it with me.  He knew that I would be thrilled at “being on the inside” of something that was going to impact her so much.  The thing is, though, he knew that she wouldn’t believe me.  He knew that even with my untrained honesty and girly giddiness, my momma would doubt my confession of the gift that was waiting for her.

This week I have had neat opportunities to share Jesus Christ with people, in unexpected places:  from the comfort of my den, at my front door, and in my office.   Very common places, right here in my “back yard”, if you will.  There have been opportunities before, but this week, I recognized them in a different way.  It seemed that as one opportunity came and left, I began expecting another one, just around the corner.  And when the next opportunity came and left, I expected yet another.  And you know what?  They’ve kept on coming!  The opportunities that were there before, I failed to see, because they didn’t “look” or “feel” like what I expected.  Oh, how I have let my actions be dictated by this world – or really, I should say “lack of actions”.

So what’s different about this week?  What has made the difference?  Why are my eyes open to recognize these opportunities lately?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the word these past couple of weeks (I mean, really digging in), and spending even more time in praising Him.  We’re talking straight from the heart, over-flowing prayers of thanksgiving for His blessings.  I have felt humbled and little before His obvious presence during these times of private worship and prayer.  I’ve been asking more frequently for His will for my life to be made obvious to me.  I’ve been encouraging other believers.  I’ve been in fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’ve felt my personal relationship with Jesus grow in strength – almost tangibly so.  It’s hard to explain it, but I have felt this week what it means to “stand in the Lord”.  I’ve been brought to tears so often at the sheer awesomeness of His hands in my life, and His gift of abundant joy.  I acknowledged this.  I acknowledge this.  And I expect His handiwork around every corner in my life.  I expect it….

That has been the difference about this week.  He has made the difference.  This is why my eyes are seeing things I could not before.

Praise God!

And now that I recognize these things, I’m that little girl again, giddy with excitement.  It’s just like I’ve been told a secret again, but this time, I’ve not been told to keep it to myself.  It’s the same feeling of excitement at the anticipation of telling someone about a gift that is going to be life-changing.  A gift that is free.  A gift that is given out of love.  A gift that will satisfy all needs and wants.  I’ve been given the key!  I have the knowledge and the power to share a gift that’s been promised – purchased and wrapped!  It is that same exhilarating feeling!  I can hardly contain myself!

When you invite Jesus Christ into your heart and enter into a relationship with Him, the secret is yours to share.  Your Father knows you don’t want to keep it to yourself.  He’s relying on you to tell others.  He knows that some will not believe you when you tell them.  After all, the gift doesn’t look like the salvation that it is.  It can’t really be fit into a neat package.  Many will doubt.  Jesus Christ tells us this.  But he also instructs us to continue in our sharing.

I’m so thankful for the parallel that was revealed to me today, as I reflected on the wonder of proclaiming His name and sharing him with others.  I haven’t thought about that Christmas in years, and I’ve never really considered the meaning that time would have on my life now.  Want to know what’s even cooler than that, though?  God knew that the little girl who was in on the secret many, many years ago would today be praising His name for the blessing.  He knew then, that I would be sitting here now in awe of the lesson He put in motion years ago.  That, my friends, is who our Savior is.  He is all knowing, all caring, all consuming…in ALL ways.  Praise His sweet, sweet, holy name!

So want the rest of the story?  We’ll have to back up 37 years ago.  All of our trips were by car.  It seemed like we traveled between California and the Carolinas every other week, but I’m sure it was more like 3 or 4 times, total.  When you’re little, time really has no definition!  That’s quite a long haul – 5 days or more in the car between locations.  Now imagine a wife (my momma) having to stop every couple of hours for a bathroom break.  Makes for an even longer trek between the two coasts.  Imagine a husband (my daddy) getting tired of stopping “every 5 minutes”.  What one thing could he possibly give her for a present that would “change life on the road” as we knew it?

Yep!  You guessed it!  Dad wrapped up a portable potty for my momma for Christmas.  Only, she didn’t believe me when I told her that daddy had gotten her a toilet for Christmas.

Mom was none too pleased with that gift.  At the time, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why not.

Their 5 year old daughter couldn’t have been more ecstatic over the practicality and convenience this gift promised.  Ahhh, to be that 5 year old girl again!

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