November 3:  I am thankful for…


Today has been a busting-at-the-seams Saturday.  We’re talking hours spent at a downtown festival, followed by hours spent working in the yard.  I have been totally surrounded by my family today, and on my feet for nearly 15 hours straight.  Wouldn’t change a thing though, including the aching feet, because the laughter and work was wrapped up in quality time with my family.

My body is physically exhausted, which is going to make for some solid rest tonight.  I’m so excited to have an “extra” hour to sleep in the morning.  But it’s not just my body that’s worn out after today.  The last few days – 9 to be exact – have been mentally exhausting.  With friends moving away, a new neighbor moving in, the pending election, an ending to something familiar, a beginning of something hoped to be familiar quickly – Yes!  Capital E exhausted mentally.  Today provided a welcomed reprieve – and tonight?  Well, I’m off to make sure I get to snoozing well before the clock chimes in a new day.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the blessing of a beautiful day and family to share it with.  You know, my Savior, what tires my head and troubles my feet.  Please bless the hours of rest for me tonight, and wake me in the morning with a rejuvenated spirit and body.  I love you, Jesus, and I am so thankful for your healing touch and comfort.  Amen.

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