God’s Truth

November 5:  I am thankful for…

…God’s truth.

Today, I found myself in a waiting room filled with people who were seeking justice and fair measures.  People who wanted some type of relief or reprieve.  Bitter people.  Pride-filled people.  Angry people.  Belligerent, lost, worried and sad people.  Right people and not-so-right people.

I had a Journey devotional book with me in this room full of unsettled emotion, and opened it in search of some light.  In it, I read:

“When confronted with lies, Jesus didn’t allow the lies to confuse Him or undermine what He knew to be true.  Instead, He identified the lies as being from Satan.  He called them what they were – lies.  And he confronted them with the truth.  Because of Jesus’ wisdom, power, and authority, Satan was never able to deceive, distract, confuse, discourage, or defeat Him.  We are to become like Jesus, and His victory can apply to us in our daily battles.”

And then, I read it again.
And again.
And as I read it, I was comforted in this same waiting room.
I prayed in thanksgiving for My Savior – My Counsel – who was present with me in that waiting room.  The One who would work out my situation for His good.

Father, thank you for your truth.  Thank you for allowing this truth to resonate through my moments this afternoon, giving me the comfort needed to handle a very uncomfortable situation.  It is through Your Word that I find all the peace needed to see me through these life trials.  Thank you so much for loving me.  Amen.

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