I am thankful for…

~ ~ ~ * M * U * S * I * C ~ ~ ~

As I write this, my ten-year-old son is dancing “free style” to Charley Pride’s Christmas in My Hometown, ©1970.  “…it’s time for little boys and girls to be tucked in their beds…”  Don’t judge.  It’s out of circulation, but I’ll be happy to let you borrow our cassette tape.  😉


– Music in worship –
– Music in recreation –
– Music in the car –
– Music in the air –
– Music, Music, MUSIC!

You know how certain scents can take you back to a memory in an instant, without any effort, whatsoever?  Music is that for me, but it’s not just about going back to a memory.  Music transports.  I can get lost in lyrics, in a rhythm, in a state of complete yet-to-come-ness.  That’s the best part for me – music transcends the moment and brings so much joy to my foot tappin’ soul!

“You Are My Sunshine” at 3 years of age at a church day camp near College Park.

“Afternoon Delight” at 7 on the radio of my friend’s teenage brother, while he was building model airplanes or cars. (yeah – I don’t like that one so much now that I’m old enough to realize it’s probably not about NASA or rockets).

Anything by Leif Garrett, Shawn Cassidy or The Commodores when I was a tween.  Yes, I was one of those giddy girls.

This was followed by a season of Rick Springfield.

Then another season of Rick Springfield.

Wait, I’m still in Rick Springfield season.

College and early adulthood was serenaded by Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Gin Blossoms, Craven Melon.

Once I was a carpool mom, the car & 1st graders were rocking out to Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind.

And so the story goes…

And today, musical praise is playing in my head all day long, even when I don’t have the radio on.  “How Great Thou Art”…”Have Thine Own Way”…even the Doxology (Oh, I love singing this!).  WMHK is where the radio dial stays in the car and there’s this one guy’s CDs I keep handy, too.  “Like a Wave”.  “Legacy”. “I Believe”.  If you see me belting it out in the Trailblazer when you pass me by, you can be pretty sure it’s a song off of the MAGNIFIED CD.

“I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.”
~Psalms 69:30

Praise God for music!

p.s.  Yes, I left out the Madonna, Janet Jackson and George Michael references on purpose.  Ha!

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