Bow Ties At Recess


When I was outside at recess, this boy asked me:  “Why do you always wear bow ties to school?”

I told him:  “Because I like to.”

The boy said:  “Well, that’s a good way to get picked on.”

I said:  “Most people just smile and laugh, but that doesn’t bother me.  If they smile and laugh, then they might have some joy, and I know that joy comes from God, so in a way, I’m bringing Him glory by making people feel happy.”

Then the boy asked:  “Do you go to church?”

And I told him:  “Yes.”


Today, this is the story my 10-year-old shared with me when I asked him about his day at school.
In his 5th grade world right now, he is figuring out that being different is not always easy (the risk of persecution…or in this case, bullying), but that being different can also can be a positive thing, like providing opportunities to sow a few seeds.

This momma is so thankful for how God continues to teach me through my children. 

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