Sun Drop and Pop Rocks

Precious moments together - Easter of 1994.

Precious moments together – Easter of 1994.


Sun Drop and Pop Rocks
First lured you from sight
You were just 2 years old

Waking before me
You knew what to do
Go where that stuff is sold

You sneaked out the door
And went to the pier
Little boy, brave and bold

Imagine the looks
From fishermen as
Into the store you strolled

It was no surprise
At the age of 16
“Mama, God said to GO”

Remem’bring that boy
Born with strong willed heart
Who in his hands did hold

Sun Drop and Pop Rocks


It’s just a few days now before we are reunited with our oldest son, who has been away from home for more than 2 years.  An unexpected heaviness has found me, and the excitement and anticipation over being reunited feels like an intoxication of sorts.  It’s been such a long time apart, yet, it seems like just yesterday when this little boy was following the desires of his heart…all the way to the fishing pier next door at 7:15 am, in search of the perfect breakfast – Sun Drop and Pop Rocks.  I remember the anxiety of that morning.  I remember the relief that followed.  I remember just wanting to hold onto him forever, and keep him close.  I’m feeling all of those things, and more, as I wait for word that he’s made it back safely.  I can’t wait to get my arms around him!

Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you!

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