Mother’s Day Tide Table

The winds are shifting.
The current is trying to decide,
“Should I come in, or should I go out?”
Though the sun is shining,
eve promises to cut short it’s brightness.
Waves lap, without tiring, in a rhythmic  march.

Change is a given in this world.

Tomorrow, the winds will be blowing differently.
The current will still be questioning.
The sun will come up, and the sun will go down.
And the waves, they will continue to move things into position.

But today.
Today, I find comfort in the constant that is change,
knowing that by His great design and promises,
every single thing in this life…
for the good of those who love God;
those who are called according to His purpose.

Knowing this fact makes

watching the winds shift,
and seeing the current struggle,
and finding the sun falling and the darkness rising,
and feeling the onward, unwavering march of the waves

a beautiful, comfortable thing.

This mother’s day, I am thankful for understanding the depths of His love a little bit better.
The forecast is exactly as He would have it.
And I am trusting Him completely.

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