Rock-A-Bye Baby, A Sweet Remember

…twenty-three years! Holding that first baby boy in my arms was literally just two blinks ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Drakeford. I love you. Much. <3, Ma

the toenail

Rock-A-Bye Baby, A Sweet Remember

Remembering the warmth of this little body against mine. His chubby cheek on my shoulder. Probably a little drool, too. The rhythm of his every breath. His complete and satisfied rest, in arms that were so eager to hold him and so uncertain of much else in this world. We’ve come a long way, baby! Praising God today for His grace and mercy that have allowed me to look upon moments like this and see that His arms were confidently around us then, and remain with us today. Feeling blessed, undeserving, and loved beyond measure, as I am able to celebrate twenty-one years of being a momma today. Thank you, Lord! Happy Birthday, Drake. ❤

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