In This Early Hour

Before chaos has a chance to shake things up this morning, I have stolen away to a quiet corner on the couch by the glowing Christmas tree, yesterday’s mail in hand – three unopened Christmas cards. I open each very slowly, fitting for a moment that feels reverent, and gifted.

The three, all traveling long distance to reach us, are from

a Sunday school couple who moved away years ago as a family of two, and are now a family of four;

an elderly couple who were lifelong friends to my mother, hence, being a part of my own growing up years, who now live in a retirement community in NC;

and relatives – a cousin, her husband and daughter, who reside in VA – a cousin who was more like a sister to this only child when I was her own daughter’s age, spending much of my weekends and summers visiting her family.

All three, precious.
All three, strands of the tapestry that is who I am.
All three, a blessing in this early hour.

I continue to sit in the quiet, pondering the wonders of His love – his vast, unconditional, unending and overwhelming love. The wonder. The awe. And I am grateful for all the ways His love is lavished on me through these people whom I may not see often, if at all these days, and whom I talk with even less, but am remembered by, and I remember, so fondly, in reflection of nothing less than the beautiful gifts they are.

My hope for all this Christmas season, and for for all of 2022 – May peace and gratitude surround all whom love you and whom you love this season. May your tapestry come alive with the memories and knowledge of His overwhelming love woven into every strand.

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  1. Posted by Pattie on December 23, 2021 at 6:39 am

    Beautifully written


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