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Ride With Me For A Minute


That should be a thing.  Starbucks should totally embrace this idea and boost Monday night sales of sweets.

I think I will have the lemon loaf, after all.  I deserve it.  And I’m hungry.  And it’s been one Monday after another Monday after yet another Monday.  Let’s do this!

As I pull away from the drive thru window with my tall Americano in hand and a small brown bag full of promise, I am already feeling better.

Before making it to the first stop light, I’ve already traded that Americano for a blind pinch of what temps me from inside the bag.  THE ANTICIPATION!  I know well what I’m expecting.  Lemony graciousness so dense that the brisk bite of the practically pure lemon juice frosting on top seems to seep into existence from the magical ingredient makeup itself.  Oooo-Lah-Lah!  It is heavenly.

Speaking of heaven, how spectacular is it that our God would so lovingly create this citrus sensation for me to enjoy?!  Not kidding.  I feel like once I enter into eternity, the things farthest from my thought are going to be these silly questions that I’m banking on a daily basis, and have been for abazillion years. Abazillion.  I’m sure that’s a word.  Not all of them are silly-silly.  Like, I always wanted to know about Lazarus, and whether or not he was starving when he was called back to the living.  And did he stink?  And did he have any memories of not being present in his skin?  And I always find it fascinating to think about Mary, mother of Jesus, and how she was very human, as was Jesus, except that he was also very not human at the same time, but she wasn’t.  I wonder all the time about her parenting struggles and worries.  Did she have those?  But….then there are lemons.

LEMONS!  And Oranges.  And Limes.  And don’t forget the Grapefruit, too.  It has its place in the affection scale.  Hello, Fresca.

It’s not just the taste, but the joyful colors, and the amazing scents.

I have a bird feeder hanging in my back yard with about 9 tiny tangelos in it.  They are not for the birds,  They are for me.  When I sit and admire God’s winged creations, I get great happiness out of seeing the backdrop of brightly colored oranges.  It just adds happiness to that giving tree outside.

What if orange and yellow and lime green things were scratch and sniff?  Like cars.  Imagine how crazy cool it would be if an orange car driving by, when it accidentally bumped the non-citrus car in front of it, would leave in the aftermath an amazing fragrance of a 40-acre orange grove?  Would it make getting a traffic ticket less stressful?And yellow cars!! Oh, my goodness.  Imagine the breezes coming off of those when a random rock flies up from the Oxbody work truck in front of it and scratches the hood.  Would it be like the scent of the wind blowing across a field of lemon balm?!  ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOWS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.  Let the rocks fly!

But really, I’m so thankful for citrus.  The colors.  The scents.  The tastes.  I don’t have to wait until I enter eternity to tell God thank you for His awesome design.  I CAN SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP from my very car seat.  As I’m driving.  Thinking these crazy things.  The Creator gifted this lemon loaf to me, in this very moment, so that I could savor and rest in blissful thankfulness.  He loves me so.

And in that moment of soaking in His love, I notice the pastel, it’s-almost-eveningtime skies that lead me home every Monday, after every Monday, yet still after every Monday.  His love is vast.  His care enormous, and endless.  His gift bags abundantly bottomless.

And just like that, I’m home again.

These literally were the last few minutes of my drive home this evening.  Thank you for riding with me.  ❤ Sherry
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