I am thankful for…

…the technology of Skype.

This morning I was able to prepare lunch in the kitchen while listening to the live music of my oldest son in real time.  He lives half a world away, literally.  It was early morning here, but late afternoon there.  Time didn’t matter, though.  He had written a new song and wanted to play it for me and get my feedback.  His brothers were in the next room, playing Halo 4.  His stepdad was still in bed.  It was a “normal” Saturday morning in our house, with all family members present and accounted for, and for the first time in a long while, I had the peace of togetherness.  I felt like a momma hen with all of her chicks accounted for and nestled safely under wing.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed those type of mornings.

Recently in our Sunday School class we’ve been studying about Esther.  She was the Queen of Persia.  Mordechai was the man who had raised her – a father figure.  They lived very separate lives after she had been taken to live within the King’s compound, and communication was limited.  Much of their communication was through written message, or verbal messages carried by men from the Queen’s court.  Imagine no audible inflection in messages.  Imagine not being able to see the body language of the person with whom you are communicating.  Imagine having to wait days or even weeks to receive a written letter, or to hear a verbal recount of a message!

I’m so thankful for the technology that is available today.  Through Skype, I can hear the inflection in my son’s voice, and I can see him many times when we are talking.  It sure helps keep us close, though we’re so far apart.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your protection and comfort during this time of separation between my oldest son and myself, and for our whole family.  Thank you for giving us your son, Jesus, who suffered  complete separation from You and took on all of the sins of the world, including my own, so that we could be united again with You.  You understand, Father, when I experience any kind of sadness or anxiety during times when our family seems to be spread out in so many different places.  You understand.  Thank you for your love, your hand in our lives, and for the amazing ways that we are able to keep in touch with each other today.  Thank you for the normalcy provided through Skype this morning.  Amen.

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