Rainy Days & Board Games

I am thankful for…

…the rainy days that keep our family tucked neatly at home, often landing us in the friendly competition of a board game.

Life is fast.
On the verge of chaotic most days.

Give me one good blustery in-door day with my family and outside stress seems to fade away.  No schedules.  No deadlines.  No running up and down the road.  Just Monopoly, Scrabble or Phase 10…and all is right with the world again.

Togetherness, as stated perfectly is this poem by Lori Beal:

Family Togetherness

This is the day,
cold and blustery,
to wear jammies til noon.
We snack on popcorn and hot cocoa
as the aroma of a potroast,
seeping in its juices
fills our loving home.

We curl up in afghans,
reading books,
drawing pictures…
yet each of us alone
our quiet thoughts…

These are such simple moments,
yet we’re creating memories
which will become
etched upon our hearts
golden treasures,
not bought,
but homemade.

This day breeds
the unmistakable
of a heart hug.

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