Five Points

The rush to get out the door and get to school and work on time can be brutal.  Breakfast is frequently consumed in the car.  Bed head is often the style of the day for the ten year old.  Although the local Christian radio station is on and belting out really good worship songs, our heads are usually so busy with thoughts of the day’s schedule, that we sometimes have trouble “tuning in” ourselves.

One of the longest pauses we have in the morning drive is at an intersection we call “Five Points.”  This light can take FOREVER to rotate through the six different cross directions.  I know –  5 points, 6 crosses – I can’t answer the math on this one.  Another blog, another day.  ANYWAY, we started praying at Five Points this year during our morning commute.  The boys start naming specific prayer requests as we approach the intersection, then, as we stop, we pray aloud.  Prayers of thanksgiving for a new day, full of new opportunities.  Prayers for protection.  For guidance.  For clear directives.  For healing.  Whatever the need or concern.  Sometimes we pray for the social studies test that Lane will be taking.  We often pray for Reed’s busy schedule, and for his grades.  We pray for needs close to us, or those we learn of through news media.  Our daily prayer time at Five Points has become something we all look forward to.  It’s a pause.  A time to reflect.  A time to be energized.  A time to be united in outpouring to our Saviour.

This morning we had to take a different route than normal.  This meant that our Five Points prayer time had to be altered.  We named a different intersection “Baby Five Points” (it was really 4 crosses, so the math element is constant) and had our prayer time there.  After making a few stops, with my youngest son still in tow, we approached the Five Points intersection from the opposite side in our normal route.  As we waited, silently, my head running through the day’s check off list, Lane spoke up.  He said, “Mom!  We’re at Five Points now!  Can we pray again?”

Can you hear that?

It’s the same thing I heard in that moment.




“Of course we can!”, I exclaimed.

As we prayed, I could hardly speak clearly, because of the choked up feeling I was having, fighting back those tears of joy.  Pure. Joy.

We pray all the time, together and independetly.  We encourage the kids to have prayer with the Heavenly Father, letting them know that anytime is the right time.  But this instant when my son asked, so excitedly, for prayer again…what a blessing I received, a gift straight to my heart from His.  Thank you,  Lord!

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