The Stairwell

I entered the dark stairwell. 
I could go upstairs or down.
First I needed a light, though.
“Where is that light switch”, I questioned.
It wasn’t where I thought it should be, right beside the door.
It wasn’t by either staircase.
I realized that I could probably go upstairs  or down with no problem, even in the dark, but there’s just something about that.  About the dark, I mean.
Moreso, there’s just something about its opposite, too.

Isn’t the light such a good thing? 

It exposes all sorts of problems areas. 
It reveals all sorts of safe passages.
It comforts.  Really Comforts.  In a very intangible, omnipresent way.

I considered, in that moment, how thankful I am for God’s light – The Light of the World that He has given to us.  The Light that is Jesus Christ. 

Having The Light of Jesus, even in that dark Stairwell, is a comfort.  Oh my, how He exposes things to us and how He reveals things to us, that help us in our daily walk. 

This world is a very dark place.  Outside of The Light, it can be cumbersome, overbearing and suffocating.  The darkness can be present in many ways – too many to count.  Maybe it’s a sickness, or an unexpected diagnosis.  Maybe it’s hunger.  Or Fear.  It can be all sorts of cleverly disguised things, too.  The darkness can be something that drives an unhealthy addiction or lifestyle.  The darkness can also be deceiving, and appear to have the qualities of comfort. 

Praise God, He has given us The Light of the World.  Jesus Christ is alive and wants to be the power source for all of His children.  All of them.  He wants all of us.  We are all sinners, and he wants us.  The suffering.  The lost.  The dirty.  The unworthy.  Every. Single. One.

Do you ever find yourself in a dark stairwell, searching for the light switch. like I was earlier today?  How about in a dark place, surrounded by dark circumstances?  Have you ever felt hopeless?  Scared?  Alone? 

The only powersource you need is Jesus.  He provides inextinguishable light to all who ask for it.  Ask for Him to be that light in your life.  You don’t have to wait until Christmas.  You don’t have to wait for a special occasion.  Ask Him today, right now, to be Lord of your life.  Walk in His light every hour of every day.  His love is abundant and merciful and waiting just for you. 

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