Chicken Soup and Good Company

There’s just something about hearty, warm chicken soup combined with the undivided attention of a loved one that makes you feel better.

That’s what my day will consist of.

The fourth family member, mister bow tie?  He’s sick now.  Cough, cold & flu like symptoms have found him, just as they did his older brother and dad last week.

On this fourth day of the month of love, I’ll be homebound, healing with a hug, a warm compress for that stuffy nose, brushing shaggy bangs from his forehead as I feel for his temperature to drop, and soothing a sore throat with homemade chicken soup.

And we will just hang out.

Him and me.

Because that kind of love just makes you feel better.

Heavenly Father, thank you.  Thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, who suffered so on that cross for us.  For me.  Thank you for loving us so much, Father, that you sent your son to Earth and allowed him to suffer, so that we could find our way back to you.  As I comfort and care for my son today, I am camping out on this kind of love  – the most incredible, unending, boundless love you have for all of your children.  A love so amazing, that as awesome as I know it is, I still have no idea of it’s depths.  Please let my little one feel the touch of Jesus through my care today, and allow his physical healing to be rapid.  Thank you, Lord, thank you.  Every day is a sick day as long as we are flesh bound.  And everyday, you offer “chicken soup and good company” to sooth us and make us “all better”.  I love you, Father God.  Amen.

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