Nurses and Doctors and Everybody

Our family has had three visits to the local Urgent Care Center / ER this week.


Flu diagnosis.

Infection treatment.

There are four in our household.  I’m hopeful the fourth family member without need for medical care remains that way.  That would be the 10 year old.  The baby of the family.  He wouldn’t miss the ER trips for anything.  It’s both his concern and curiosity that makes these types of visits “I gotta be there” trips.

After learning how to stitch up a cut, treat flu symptoms and doctor an infection site, he very matter-of-factly made this announcement last night from the back seat of the car on our trip home from visit number three:

“Man.  You know nurses and doctors and everybody?  It seems like they would all be Christians with the way the help everybody and know so much about how to take care of us.  They really love people by the way they help them.  And they know things like if this antibiotic might kill this person or not.  That’s really cool.”

Ten.  He’s just ten, apparent by his thoughts on antibiotics.  But his thoughts on medical professionals caring for people who are sick and loving all the people who come to them?  Spot on!  When Jesus was on earth, wasn’t He just like that?  I mean, in His physical being on earth, didn’t He open His arms, literally, for all those sick with sin?  Doesn’t He still do that today, though He’s risen?

I know I’m sick.  I’m a sinner, through an through.  I have “sinners sickness”.  I was born with it and  I’ll never be cured.  It’s an ailment I’ll always have.  Jesus knows that, and He loves me anyway, and cares for me, and has made me “all better” in the eyes of our Heavenly Father through His sacrifice on the cross.

Our Heavenly Father has revealed to me that it’s not just the “nurses and doctors and everybody” who need to have the open arms of compassion and care, it needs to be all of us – it needs to be me!

Care and compassion for others doesn’t need to be reserved behind the closed doors of a medical clinic or ER, it needs to be offered freely, in all situations, everywhere.  There is not one person who is free from the “sinners sickness”, and there is not one saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ who is not capable of offering the same type of care and love to others.  Like Jesus.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the caring hands that have taken care of my family this week.  Thank you for the opportunities to see You at work in the medical field and the chance to hear medical staff give Glory to You for their abilities.  Father, thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, who took on all of my sins so that I am seen blameless by You.  Stretch me and grow me, oh Lord, so that I may offer the same compassion and care to my neighbors.  I want to love the way Jesus Christ loves, Father.  Please make me keenly aware of those who need a comforting word, a helping action, a prayer-filled request lifted up.  Father, make me like “the nurses and doctors and everybody”, and seen as someone willing and desiring to help others.  I love you, Father God.  Amen.

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  1. Posted by Pattie on February 3, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I love that 10 year old! He is so wise. His parents are doing an awesome!!


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