A Boy Without A Story

Several years ago, there was this little boy without a story.
Or so he thought.

He had overcome the obsticles of divorced parents and blended families.
But that didin’t define him; therefore, this was not story-worthy.

He had overcome the fears of being “different”, in a world that wants “same”.
But that didn’t define him;  therefore, this was not story-worthy.

He wasn’t a recovering drug addict.
Didn’t come from an abusive household.
He did not have any skeletons in his closet that were rapping to get out.
He went to school and had decent grades.
He had a  part time job.
Drove a sixteen year old Jeep.
Played a borrowed guitar, because he could’t afford one of his own.

None of this “non-story” stuff was brought to the table for discussion, until…

American Idol.

American who?

Yeah, the television show.

See, this boy had a passion for music.
Lyrics and rhythm didn’t just come naturally to him, they were him.
Lyrics and rhythm were as much a part of who he was as his heartbeat and fingerprints.
Music just was.
There was no time when it became a learned thing.
There was no time when it didn’t exist in his every day.

Because music just always “was”, it was not seen as story-worthy.
Not by him.
At least, not yet.

After getting the “golden ticket”, and continuing to a second audition (not a televised audition, sort of like a pre-audition to the audition, if you will), he was told, “Be thinking about your story, so if one of our producers asks you about it, you’ll be ready to share it.”


And this is when the “non-story” subject became a “thing” worth pondering.

Isn’t it that way with everyone?

I mean, about our stories.

For years, I lived beneath the lying voice that told me I wasn’t even worthy of a story, let alone story-worthy.    I excused away every coincidence, every defeated obsticle, every battle scar, recognition and praise-worthy accomplishment.  I lived in a world I filled with negatives, like self-doubt and self-imposed guilt.  I listened to the lies of the enemy telling me I was nothing.  No one.  Nobody.  A mistake.

If it’s not Hollywood encouraging exageration or realities that just aren’t, well, real,  it’s the rest of the world around us.  Strangers. Our peers.  Our collegues.  The people nextdoor.  It may even be our own relatives or – go ahead and gasp – our church family.  The world doesn’t want us to recognize our stories, and it doesn’t want us to share them.

How crazy is that?  Bear with me…

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
The one and only Son of God.
I believe in the Holy Trinity, as one – God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
I believe Jesus came to earth, where he brought the message of salvation to us.
I believe that Jesus was crucified.
I believe He died for my sins.  For yours, too.
I beleive that three days after His death, He was resurrected.
I believe that He is coming again.

I believe, completely, 100 % without a doubt, that everyone has a story waiting to be realized.  Waiting to be told.  One that is worthy and a vessel for sharing The Truth.   That’s why the enemy works so hard and creatively to silence it.

The enemy is sneaky.  He’ll use those American Idol execs to tear us down, or build us up.  He’ll use the world to determine our value.  He’ll work diligently to keep us from knowing Truth.

So where is this little boy without a story today?

Well, he is no little boy any longer.  He’ll be 21 this year. He is traveling the world and sharing the greatest story of all – The Story of Salvation Through Jesus Christ.  And he’s doing so using music as his platform.

See, what this little boy figured out was that once he stopped listening to the world around him – once he tuned the business and chaos out – he was able to hear the voice of The Savior.  And after listening to The Father, he began to understand that his own story was indeed one worthy of sharing.

That’s what our testimony is, you know.  It’s our story.  It’s the one that has been gifted to us so that we can share it with others for the sole purpose of spreading The Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Lord, for Your Little Boy and for His story.  

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