Counting Our Blessings At The Trash Dump

My husband called at 3:30pm:
“Honey, we need for you to come pick us up. The Trailblazer has a problem.”

The ole’ Trailblazer is down.
Broke down, that is.
Where did this happen?
Of all places, the trash dump.
On  a busy Friday afternoon.
Her shifting cable snapped in half, and she wouldn’t budge from the prime real estate in front of the household waste dumpster.
The girl has over 200,000 miles on her, and things just happen.
Still, my immediate reaction was not evident of anything understanding.
No peace fell upon me as I started calculating the cost of the repair and the discomfort of living without her for a few days.
This unexpected fix would cost money we hadn’t budgeted for.
That stinks!

The big red bus needs some attention!

The big red bus needs some attention!

Thankfully, the short drive to rescue my husband and son was long enough for me to be reminded of all the blessings that abound around this mini distraction.

*  Thank goodness this “break” didn’t happen two weeks ago when my husband and son were on the road between here and North Dakota!

*  And thank goodness this “break” happened now, instead of three months from now when my oldest son will be driving it!

* Hallelujah, we are paid ahead on one of our bills that will allow for us to cover the cost of this repair!

* How furtunate we are to have another vehicle at home that we can drive this week!

* Could there have been a better place to break down?  I think not!  The car was PARKED, and in a place where the traffic flow is cautious and forgiving, as well as the Waste Management attendents!

* We had opportunities to serve others while waiting for the tow truck (helping empty the truck beds and trunks of others)!

* And we had the good fortune to visit with our Music Minister while we waited, since he spied us and the twinkling hazard lights of our car when he was passing through!

I am so thankful for God’s blessings and for His protection.  Always, and in all ways.

It’s Friday night, and we got to squeeze in some quality family time a little early today, as we hanged out together at the trash dump.  It’s been a great start to the weekend.  Seriously!  It has!

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