Jesus at the Stoplight

The intersection of Second Loop and Irby Street.
Facing east’ish.
At the stoplight.
Car number one in the left lane, with car number one in the right beside me.
The sun is shining so brightly this morning, in clear, cool skies.
I drop the sun visor to sheild my already shaded eyes from the glare.
The car is quiet.
In reflection now, I know why I never turned on WMHK this morning like I usually do.
Can’t really say where my thoughts were.
I’m sure they must have been somewhere.
The car beside me lets off the brakes and ever so slightly rocks forward.
Without looking at the light, I let my foot off the brakes, too, and start to proceed.


I’m thankful for 4WD and the excellent grip of the brakes.
And for the little voice that said, “look up”.

Jesus reminded me in that split second of how easy it is to go along with the flow of this world.

There have been many times that I let what was immediately around me influence my own actions (or rather, reactions), instead of being lead by The Master Himself.

“Keep Me in the forefront, because when I AM, you will react to this world in step with My will for your life.”

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Keep Jesus present in the present.

Keep Him at the helm of all movement.

This morning, in the stillness of my car, I was distracted.
I still don’t recall what I was thinking about.
Maybe it was of the coffee I was about to enjoy when I got to the office.
Maybe it was about the task list for the day.
Maybe I was thinking about how much I’d like to still be in bed.
Whatever it was, it was enough to distract me.
And intinct was to do what the car beside me was doing, instead of doing what I should have done.
That hurts my toes.
But you know, failing to focus on the right things when you are driving can be catastrophic.
Failing to focus on Jesus can be, too.

Lord, I love you and thank you for the quiet, strong way you teach me…every day.  I thank you for your patience, as I am certainly not an A+ student.  More like a C- most days.  Some, worse.  Father, I need your help to change this sinful, quick-to-follow-the-world heart into one that instead reacts to this world in a way that is pleasing to you.  I don’t want to be like everyone else.  I dont’ want to blend in.  I don’t want to take the easy way and go along with the crowd.  Father, I want a heart that is noticably changed and different and daily growing in obedience to you.  I can’t change my heart Lord, but I know that You can.  Please take mine and refine it so that it reflects You in all that I do.  Praising Your Name, sweet Jesus, for being with me at the stoplight today, even if I wasn’t with you at first.  Amen.

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