We introduced the E word into our world this week.  Don’t I sound happy?  Wait for the endorphins to catch up with me…

“We started exercisin’, y’all!”



A friend of ours, David, who has had his own lifestyle transformation over the last year (and that equals body transformation, too) challeneged us to get off our butts and make some changes this year.  When I say “us”, I don’t mean me and Kevin singled out.  He issued a blanket challenege to anyone who wanted to know how he has such impressive success in adopting a healthier eating/exercising lifestyle.  And when I say “get off our butts”, I might be using words he didn’t specifically say, but I think he’d agree to the general idea.   He shared with Kev and I what has worked for him, and that includes embracing body movement.  We were made to move, you know.  And because 1) I don’t like to not accept a challenge and 2) I don’t like to not succeed and 3) this challenge comes with a free 2-week membership to a gym…..why not!?

It’s been only 3 days of our bodies on exercise.  I wish I could use inspiring, happy words to describe the experience so far.   I’m glad we’re doing it.  And we are committed to sticking with exercise as a part of our new living lifestyle.  But it’s hard, guys. I mean, I’m only in the baby steps of exercise.  Teeny-tiny.  Like today, I rode the recumbent cycle for 38 minutes, but that wasn’t all at one time.  I did 18 minutes.  And took a break.  Then I did 13 minutes.  And took a break.  And I ended with 7 minutes.  My face was so red and hot and – me being transparent here – I was sweating.  Gasp!  My heartrate hit 150 as I was struggling to hold at 11.4 miles per hour, and I was certain people on the other side of the gym could hear my heartbeat.  I also did 30 tummy crunches on some machine that I’m not afraid of.  Five at a time.  In-between riding that low-rider bike.  This is not easy.

Yesterday, after I’d been cycling for about 12 minutes, I began having a quite interesting debate in my head.  Old Sherry was saying, “you know, you can just get off this thing, hop in your car and go read a book for 1/2 an hour while you wait for your son to get out of school”.  New Sherry was saying, “that sounds good!”.  She was being weak, which is quite uncharacteristic for New Sherry. About that time, my friend David walked into the gym.  You know what Old Sherry said?  Nothing.  Zip.  She shut her mouth and I didn’t hear from her again the whole day.  What an encouragement it was when David walked in.  He was just there to do his thing, and had no idea he’d just silenced negotiations in my head.  So I didn’t quit and made it through the entire planned work out yesterday.  Now today was a different story.  David was already there when I walked in, so Old Sherry had to keep quiet the entire time while New Sherry peddled it out for 38 minutes.  It was a long, long, 38 minutes.  Conversation sure does make the time go by faster.  I definitely need to get some headphone things to plug into the on-cycle t.v.

Here’s what I rest on today –

Exercise is tough.  I hope to have more to add to that in a week or so, but right now, as I feel my…my…crap.  What are those things?  They must be muscles.  Put your thumbs under your armpits, as if you’re going to do The Chicken Dance.  Hold it right there.  Move your thumbs slightly forward, like an inch and a half.  THOSE!  What are those things?  Well, mine hurt.  I’m sure as a result of using the stomach crunching machine thing improperly, but none-the-less, they are yelling at me!  Anyhow, I hope that I can bring the E word some positive reviews in a week or so.  Will you pray for me?  Join me in asking God to motivate me to continue in this journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Beverly Shearon on January 14, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    I will pray for you in this endeavor.


  2. Thank you, Beverly!


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