34 Days of Eating Clean(er)

Not talking about Windex or Mr. Clean.  🙂

My husband and I have been eating differently for a little more than a month now.  And we’ve started exercising.  But the big deal is what we’re doing differently at the grocery stores and in our kitchen.

For 34 days, we’ve eaten

NO white rice
NO white bread
NO added sugar
NO sugar substitues (‘cept for some gum, but working on quitting that!)
NO high fructose corn syrup
NO msg (‘cept for by accident once)
MOSTLY gluten-free
SOME potatoes of color (no white!  those are bad!)
FEW GMO products
LOTS of fresh veggies & fruits
HANDFULLS of cashews & other nuts
ONLY grass-fed beef (2 times per week or less)
ONLY free-roaming chickens

See what we’ve been eating?

Chicken, Veggies, Salad    Pork Chop, Cabbage, Collards, Sweet Potatoes

Happy Skillet! (Red Potatoes, Peppers, Kale)     VEGGIES & FRUITS

And we’ve only drank WATER and an occasional coffee or hot tea with honey.  NO soda or sweet tea.

We have “splurged” just a couple of times, but not enough to knock us off the positive track to imprived health.  The vegetable pizza was good, and the donut was okay.  Not nearly as impressive as these two things tasted before when we were hopped up on sugar 24/7.

“Results so far”, you’re wondering?  Aside from more energy, better sleep and less pain in our knees and ankles, we have both lost weight.  What a great side effect of eating healthier!  Because I’m telling you, friend, we eat A LOT, and I feel like we are “feeding” all the time!  Kevin has had an amazing start, with more than 30 pounds lost in this first month!  He was just over 300 pounds on Dec. 28th, and now weighs in around 271.  Seriously!  The speed at which he is losing weight has slowed, of course, but getting all of the processed, inflamatory-causing foods and chemicals out of our bodies gave each of us immediate weight loss results pretty quickly in the first 2 weeks.  My weight loss is not nearly as impressive, but I have gone from 204 pounds to 192 pounds. That’s still a dozen pounds less than I’ve been carrying for too many years.  And more than the number tells, the exercise is already starting to define and tone muscles that I haven’t seen in more than a decade!

This is a fun and exciting journey we’re on to better health!   Thanks for sharing in it with us and encouraging us along the way!

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